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Ulyana Sergeenko Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013

I'm pretty sure this is my favourite collection of all time. I don't like to use those words lightly, but when a collection send shivers up my spine every time I look at it, there's something there.
I recently discovered Ulyana Sergeenko through a co-worker but the 32-year-old, a Russian couture shopper turned designer quickly captured my heart. The designer first became known in industry circles when her theatrical, Soviet-inspired style—dressed to the nines outside every fashion show, much to the delight of photographers—landed her on every street-style blog.

Sergeenko was part of the new wave of beautiful, superstylish Russians omnipresent on the fashion scene. Born in Kazakhstan when it was still part of the USSR, she moved with her father, who owned a ceramics factory, and her mother, an English teacher, to St. Petersburg after the fall of the Soviet Union. Her fashion training started as a young girl, but more out of necessity than frivolity as children were required to learn to sew their own clothes.

Flash forward, as an adult in Moscow she would often ask designers to make her ensembles, but when they wound up in their collections without due credit, she grew frustrated. She figured, If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Two years ago, she launched a namesake couture label. She quickly became a sensation in her new hometown of Moscow, which is where her atelier and team of 65 are located. In July 2012, she started presenting during the couture in Paris.

Her Spring & Summer Couture 2013 collection is by far my favourite so far. Now for some eye candy <3

Elegant interpretation of a bustle back dress

Sunglasses with a crochet appliqué to them, I absolutely NEED these in my life.

The raw edges some how work with this, I love bits of purposely introduced 'imperfections' in couture collections

 Can you see the intricate detailing on from what looks like such a simple blouse from afar?

Beautiful take on a 'peasant boy' type look, and I love the use of this sleeve throughout the collection

 Peplums, corsetry & puff sleeves <3

 For some reason whenever I think of this collection this piece is the first that jumps to my mind. It's not my favourite nor do I think its the most extravagant but for some reason its just stuck with me

The playful jumpsuits add a certain innocence and light heartedness to this collection keeping it elegant but fun.

The bags are to die for.

 Loving the Edwardian inspiration of this piece, some of my favourite detailing and a choice of fabric I wouldn't have thought could look so amazing,

Tee hee, j'adore <3

 A use of sheer & nudity that looks so chic and classy it could rival the work of YSL. Yeah, I said it.

 Beautiful millinery, is there anything Sergeenko cannot do?

A woman's back is one of my favourite features to highlight so I appreciate all of the beautiful back detailing this collection has to offer whether flesh is exposed or not.

What I would consider the most wearable look of this collection, and I want it.

There's those glasses again <3

 And of course extravagant use of velvet!

 Beautiful velvet shorts with gold embroidery, I'm relatively certain this designer and I are soul sisters.

 One of my favourite looks

These bags are just so delightful

There's that beautiful button detailing again and the colour pallet of this collection is just perfect

Images and full collection from here. Although I included almost all of it as it was incredibly difficult to edit any thing out, I love it all.


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