Thursday, January 20, 2011

Comics and Fashion?

We talk a lot about "inspiration" during my schooling. It seems like every time I turn around it's all about who or what inspires us. We even discuss what inspires other designers, a nod to my last project; creating an inspiration board for a pre-fall collection based on the designer's quoted inspiration. Creating inspiration boards is definitely a key aspect to the beginning of any collection. 
Well lately I've been feeling rather, uninspired. It doesn't help with the pressure of starting our own collections in a couple weeks looming over me.

So in an attempt to remedy myself I made a list of things that have inspired me in the past and discovered the list was a lot of things that I don't have time or have chosen not to par-take in for a long, long time. Things like comic books, videogames, japanese culture, history and sci-fi just to name a few. Yeah, I'm a total closet geek. So yesterday, rather than a starbucks, I picked up issue one of Widow Maker published by Marvel. It features my favorite Russian spy Blackwidow, Scarlett Johansson please marry me her former love interest Hawkseye and his former love interest Mockingbird. When I got home I even played some of my roommates PS3 games!

I seriously have never felt better and am starting to feel more and more inspired as I re-read old issues already in my collection and continue indulging myself in my nerdy pastimes. Although, it kind of stumped me how I could incorporate my comic book love into fashion, the two really couldn't be any less related. Or so I thought?

Truth is, they're no strangers to each other...


 The Hulk & The Thing


Iron Man

 Wonder Woman

Hello inspiration, it's good to see you again.
More frequent updates to come :)
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