Thursday, July 11, 2013

“Oh dire, dreadful death, you drag your heels. Why dawdle and draw back? You drown my heart.”

The images from the photoshoot provided for us from Blanche MacDonald Centre of our grad collections were finally released this week. I am absolutely in love with these gorgeous shots by photographer and Blanche MacDonald instructor Matthew Burditt featuring up-and-coming models James at Rad Kids and Ripley Freedom at Liz Bell Agency.

My only regret is that the chainmail piece of my collection wasn't ready for this shoot but I think the stylist did a lovely job of maintaining my aesthetic with a few simple accessories, giving the gown a very late 20s/early 30s vibe. 

Jacket also featured here by designer Nikita Coles 

And of course the fabulous image featured on the cover of the show program. The shots were done on medium format film - natural light and no post-processing. Another update with more current work coming soon.
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