Monday, August 26, 2013

One Door Closes... Gianni Maanaki Atelier

It would suffice to say that August started out a little bleak for me. After being turned down for my ideal internship here in Vancouver it felt as if I had little hope, no other prospects and absolutely no clue about what I wanted to do next. I guessed I would just spend the rest of my summer finishing up old knitting projects and watching bad movies.

But as it happens the old saying "When one door closes another one opens" has always rung eerily true in my life. Just when I thought absolutely nothing was happening my dream internship comes up and is basically dropped in my lap. The opportunity to work with an international couturier.

Gianni Maanaki Couture is the first of its kind in Vancouver. Located in Vancouver’s luxury South Granville shopping district – the city’s premier shopping and cultural destination – it's the first Haute Couture Atelier of its kind in Vancouver. The private Showroom features one-of-a-kind designs and Haute Couture garments and offters clients an exclusive shopping boutique experience, including a full range of services.

Gianni Maanaki is known for over the top, spectacular and jaw dropping designs. His use of vibrant colors and beautiful fabrics has gained him a very reputable clientele, including members of the royal Saudi Arabian family, and even celebrities from the Middle East. Having showcased his work in places such as Dubai, Lebanon and Qatar, it’s only fitting he finds his place in a beautiful and diverse city like Vancouver. I feel incredibly honored for the opportunity to work under and be mentored by him.

Working in the studio I'll get to witness and be apart of every aspect of the design process from conception, pattern drafting, samples to client fittings, finishing and completion. Maanaki even has his assistants do traditional fashion illustrations of his designs.  

Wish me luck on this amazing new endeavor! 

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