Monday, June 03, 2013

Blanche MacDonald Spring Fashion Showcase

Well after one of the most incredible years, both good & bad, I've finally completed my diploma of Fashion Design from Blanche MacDonald Centre. Looking back on it all makes me feel a little sad I wasn't able to regularly maintain this blog. Although part of me can't even put into words all the amazing experiences I've been through and the amount I've learned and grown as a person.

Friday May 24th was our graduation runway show. Held at Blanche MacDonald's Curlique campus was a beautiful showcase of 5 incredibly talented up and coming young designers. The show was a delight and everything I could have asked for, I was even lucky enough to have my garments photographed by the school and displayed on the front side of the show program. Fellow designer & grad Nikita Coles was featured on the reverse side.

Jacket by NYXI Designs

It was a beautiful evening and I'm incredibly thankful to all my friends & family who made it out to see my work up close and personal for the first time. Also the free cupcakes and wine was a delicious bonus!

The five of us pictured with program directors Peggy Morrison & Donna Baldock.
From left to right: Peggy, Myself, Sharon Zhang, Daniela Reiser, Nikita Coles, Sheryl Decterow & Donna

Very quickly after the show I had a request from fellow Blanche alumni, designer & stylist Anna Talbot to pull my gowns for a photoshoot with photographer Johnny Se. Being in a bit of a half daze from the excitement night before (and perhaps a bit hung over) I agreed without question. Little did I expect the gorgeous results the shoot would provide. Huge props goes out to Anna and her team, I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect.

 Iseult Gown - Ivory chiffon layered of nude silk charmeuse with gathered shoulders & hand-linked chainmail over-piece

Morgana Le Fay Gown - Chiffon & silk velvet bodice with lace appliqué & layered tulle skirt

Model: Emily Rose (Numa Models)
Photographer: Johnny Se 
Makeup & Hair: Sara Vande Vyver
Stylist: Anna Talbot

The rest of the photos from the shoot can be seen here or on my Facebook page.

The support post-grad has been almost overwhelming and it begs the question, "what now?" I feel as if I've spent the last two years of my life striving just to reach this point and haven't put nearly as much thought or time into figuring out what to do once it all came to an end. I'm no longer a 'fashion design student' and now need to figure out what my new title and new goals are going to be. There are a few ideas running through my mind right now and I have started another project, which I will post about soon. However, I still ultimately have a long way to go, but its the journey not the destination right?


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