Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Home Stretch

Well its official, I have just over one month left before I'm finishing my one year intensive fashion design course! With my last collection garment due next week, along with my press kit, my final portfolio due May 7th, fittings, alterations and two more academic classes until the end of May I'm definitely not finding myself with an abundance of free time.
Luckily I love every minute of it.
The most exciting and stressful part has been trying to plan a photoshoot with my classmates to photograph our two complete collection pieces for this Thursday evening. I'm also hoping to surprise our photographer with a cake seeing as its his birthday!
Hopefully once everything has settled down I'll be able to start posting more regularly with what's going on as well as share some of the photographs from the shoot. But for now I'll share the mood & inspiration boards for my graduation collection 'Avalon'


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