Friday, May 27, 2011

Art, Tech & Batman

Just thought I would share the final project from my art & technology class. The assignment was to either create a 3 look mini collection or chose 3 looks from our final collection, create flats, color & fabric swatches, description and digitally rendered illustration to go with it all on a layout.

I chose to do a 3 look mini collection, my original inspiration was Batman but it ended up being more and more inspired by Batgirl, specifically the original t.v. series Batgirl and her secret identity Barbra Gordon.

I love old t.v. shows, especially the superhero kind like Batman, The Green Hornet, Wonder Woman and the Hulk. I mean, look at that bike! What I would give to cruise downtown in that. Anyway, here's my final project~

I went with a very bright color pallet based off of the t.v. show costume and a layout design to get that comic book feel. I used a set of 'sound effect' paintbrushes from DA to decorate the blank spaces. My favorite piece from this being my 'batdeau' kekeke I love fashion puns.

I should probably mention Batman (and Batgirl) (TM), ® & © is a registered trademark of DC Comics and Warner Bros. All logos used on this website are registered trademarks of their respective companies. All Rights Reserved. This is a not for profit school project

Thanks for reading, stay classy internet.
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