Friday, April 29, 2011

Muse musings

Hey everyone! I'm not dead, just been incredibly busy with school. I figured I would post this to prove I haven't been kidnapped and since the draft has been sitting since March.

Blatantly copying fellow fashion student and blogger Evan from An Introduction to Manufacturing I've decided to share a post of muses. Muses are a common inspiration for fashion designers from Karl Lagerfeld to Gianni Versace to Matthew Williamson and countless many others. Although I personally find inspiration from sources like history, comic books, videogames, other cultures etc. there are a few famous ladies who I find quite a-MUSE-ing. ;{D


Zooey Deschannel. She's gorgeous and has a voice that could make a wolverine purr. She's the balls. I adore her vintage style, her piercing eyes and hair I would give up my first born to have. 500 Days of Summer helped me move past a lot of things in my life, she actually might be more of an idol to me than a muse. Her band She & Him played in Vancouver this past year and a part of me died inside when I missed it.


To be honest I've only recently discovered Uffie. A Paris-based underground electronic artist, fashion designer and socialite. Aside from her party girl persona she's to die for. A hipster's delight. Her music is constantly playing on my ipod especially while I'm pattern drafting.


Because I had to insert some cliche in here somewhere. Audrey Hepburn, if you don't know why please get out from under your rock and watch any of her films.


Anna Tsuchiya is a Japanese singer, actress, film director and semi-retired model. She's been a muse of mine since she did the soundtrack for one of my long time favorite anime series, Nana, as the singing voice for Nana O. Even though I've moved on from this era in my life her unique look, since she's half Caucasian, and edgier style is what really draws me to her. If you're interested in her music I'd recommend Bubble Trip, which is one of my favorite of her songs.


As suggested in an earlier post, I love Emma Stone. American comedy actress. I don't know why. Aside from Zombieland she's yet to do any spectacular roles or anything overly impressive. She actually seems like your average "coming of age" movie actress who will disappear in a few years tops. I adore her none the less, I think it might be her psycho red-head appearance. She's Gwen Stacey in the new Spiderman movie.

In conclusion I've come to realize that my muses have one major thing in common. Multi-talent. I don't think I could ever be inspired by models or socialites or women who only ever do one thing. There's a lot more to beauty than looking nice, at least for me. I think that's what really inspires me, the drive to do everything. Being gorgeous helps though. Also note, the women I find inspiring are not limited to this list, these are just the first few that come to mind.

Stay Classy, internet.

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