Monday, December 13, 2010

The Millinery Post

Well the semester has finally come to a close. Sorry for my inherent absence, it's been... crazy, to say the least. I have two more projects due, some catch up work and one last final.
Last Tuesday was my last Fashion Elements class. Although the course was ridiculously easy I'm going to miss it. I look forward to hopefully having the same instructor in the future.

What I would give to rummage through that woman's wardrobe! In our last class we went over millinery and she brought in an original Philip Tracey hat :D
For those of you ashamed to not know who he is, myself included, he's responsible for most of Lady Gaga's head wear.
Although her hat was much more "ready-to-wear" than Lady Gaga's it was really inspirational to see and a great way to finish the semester.

I thought I might share with you guys my favorite milliner, Piers Atkinson. I first found him through this recent editorial paying hommage to the works of Tim Burton.

After doing a little more research I completely fell in love with his work. Warning, the following is picture heavy. It was so difficult to pick favorites!

From the completely outlandish to the very appropriate for an evening out I definitely admire his creativity. It's crossed my mind a few times to try and create some unique head wear for my final collection. Something I've never tried before that's for sure.

Anyways if you'd like to see more of Piers Atkinson's work you can find it at his website here
Over the Christmas holidays I will try and update with something more substantial
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