Saturday, November 19, 2011

Home is where the Heart is

Now I don't fancy myself savvy when it comes to interior decor, it's more my mother's forte, and I know it's not exactly a fashion post. However, when it comes to interior design and fashion design there are a lot of overlaps especially when it comes to fabric and color trends. If you look back throughout the decades you'll notice the way people dressed was often reflected in their homes and visa versa. The same could still be said for today.

Personally when it comes to interior decor I don't like things to match. I find if everything it 100% coordinated to a T it doesn't really feel like a home, at least not one someone lives in. Don't get me wrong, I still pin for the day when my future house or condo looks like an ikea catalogue but for now I prefer a more disheveled aesthetic.
Lately I've been going through my tumblr dash I've come to a realization; I to follow more interior decor blogs than anything else. It might have something to do with my increasing displeasure with the way my own apartment is set up. Hate to be sexist but the majority of single heterosexual males have no idea about any of this stuff and my roommate is not exception to this stereotype.

So many a night I find myself perusing through images of kitchens, living rooms and more occasionally glancing up at the lime green walls of my room and feeling slightly nauseous. One day I'll finally put my foot down and give this place a proper 'woman's touch'. But for now, here are some of my favourite interior decor ideas. All these images were found on tumblr.

Tell me, what would your dream home look like?
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Something more fashion related to come, I swear! 
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