Friday, June 10, 2011

It's All Down Hill

Hey everyone! So far I've been having a great visit with my mom during her week in Vancouver. We've been thoroughly enjoying my favorite parts of the city, great shopping and delicious food.

Last night we attended my good friend Alice's art exhibit opening called 'It's All Down Hill'. It was sponsored by Rayne Longboards who commissioned professional, amateur and many local artists to paint whatever they desired on their skate decks. It was amazing seeing the works and diverse styles of so many talented artists. It was also the very first art exhibit opening I've attended, not nearly as pretentious as I expected.
All of the boards are now displayed at Kafka's Coffee & Tea on Main and East Broadway where they will be for the next few weeks. Definitely worth checking out if not for the great art but the fantastic beverages.

Here are some of my favorites from the exhibit.

 "The Destroyer"

The last one is one of the two by Alice Vogelaar. I'm so sorry sweetie but the picture I took of the other one just could nooot do it proper justice. Also, do want this one.

Then, here of course is what I wore to look like an artsy east end hipster for the evening. Success?
Dress- Winners / Denim Shirt - Vintage Levi's (my dad circa. the 80s) / Shoes - Sterling
 Necklace from Aldo's accessories
Aldo's bag, kind of old but I still love it for the summer months

Since then Alice's adorable buisness card is now residing on my fridge along with some recycled bottle cap magnets I bought at the Kitsilano farmers market last weekend. Her blog is The Allegory of Alice, also worth a look!

Thanks for reading, stay classy.
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